Missionary List
Jorge Abad – Mexico (NOW Ministries)
Oral Anderson – India
Oliver Araiza – Evangelist & Christian Radio (WVGV)
Eddie Arold – Thailand
Evangilist Bumps – Malawi (Victory World Outreach)
Doug Carragher – U.S. Military (Armed Forces Baptist Missions)
Gerome Castro – Philippines
Henry Chatata – Malawi (Victory World Outreach)
Thandiwe Chikufenji – Malawi (Victory World Outreach)
Boyd Collins – Evangelist & Tent Ministry
Rodrigo Contreras – Panama (NOW Ministries)
Mike Dombrosky – Dominican Republic
George Dubish – India
Gary Edmunds – Evangelist & Fair Ministries
Alan Farley – Evangelist to Civil War Re-enactors
Mike Farris – U.S. Military (All Points Baptist Mission)
Rodney Frey – Argentina & Chile (Baptist Missions to Forgotten People)
Isidro Galeano – Hondorus (NOW Ministries)
Gardiner Gentry – Malawi (Victory World Outreach)
Adam Gibbs – Australia (NOW Ministries)
Ben Hays – Maryland
Lewis Howell – New Zealand (World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions)
Dan Hummel – Evangelist & Printing (Beacon of Truth)
Mark Kerlin – Evangelist
Danny Kessler – Bulgaria (Word for the World Baptist Ministries)
Stan Kiefer – Philippines
Toru Marshall – Director of NOW Ministries
Shawn McGuire – Georgia (BIMI)
Robbie Morrison – Director of All Points Baptist Mission
Roger Napper – Prison Ministry (Rock of Ages Prison Ministry)
Alberto Puente – Spain
David Ralston – Christ to the Nations
Fernando Ramos – Turkey (NOW Ministries)
Manny Rodriguez – Puerto Rico (Word for the World Baptist Ministries)
David Ruley – Uganda (BIMI)
Keith Shumaker – Burkina Faso (Macedonia World Baptist Missions)
Yuri Stolarichuk – Lithuania
Herminio Vasquez – Guatemala (NOW Ministries)
David Wilt – Staten Island (Baptist Missions to Forgotten People)